Deluxe Hajj Package

22nd-23rd Jun 2023*


04th-05th Jul 2023*





Hilton Suites

10 Nights - Breakfast & Dinner

Intercontinental Dar Al Iman

3 Nights - Breakfast & Dinner

VIP Tents

During Hajj rites
Open buffet Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
5 min walking distance to the Jamarats

Hajj visa

Hajj draft
All other regulatory documentation




Arrival (Airport > Hotel) - Muallim Bus
Ziarats (Madianah) - Private Coach
Makkah > Madinah - Private Coach
Hajj Trips - Train
Departure (Hotel > Airport) - Muallim Bus


This Package is non-sifting, i.e. we do not accommodate in Azizyah


Quad, Triple, Double


Starters pack, 5ltr Zamzam, Hajj Seminar

Book early and hold your place


Date Arabic Date Description
22/06/2023* 04/12/1444
  • Departure from London to Makkah
23/06/2023* 05/12/1444
  • Departure from London to Makkah
  • Journey to hotel (by bus)
  • Check in Hilton Suites
  • Perform Umrah
24/06/2023 06/12/1444
  • Free day
25/06/2023 07/12/1444
  • Free day
  • Group meeting
26/06/2023 08/12/1444
08th Dhul Hijjah
  • Journey to Mina (by bus)
27/06/2023 09/12/1444
09th Dhul Hijjah
  • Journey to Arafat (by train)
  • Day of Hajj in Arafat
  • Journey to Muzdalifa (by train)
  • Night in Muzdalifa
28/06/2023 10/12/1444
10th Dhul Hijjah
  • Journey to Jamarat (by train)
  • 1st Jamarat Stoning
  • Journey to Hilon Suites (by walk)
  • Perform Tawaf E Ziara & Sai
  • Journey to Mina (by bus/walk)
  • Night in Mina
29/06/2023 11/12/1444
11th Dhul Hijjah
  • Journey to Jamarat (by walk)
  • 2nd Jamarat Stoning
  • Night in Mina
30/06/2023 12/12/1444
12th Dhul Hijjah
  • Journey to Jamarat (by walk)
  • 3rd Jamarat Stoning
  • Journey to hotel (by walk)
01/07/2023 13/12/1444
  • Free day
02/07/2023 14/12/1444
  • Journey to Madinah (by coach)
  • Check in Dar Al Iman Intercontinental
03/07/2023 15/12/1444
  • Visit Roza Mubarak
04/07/2023 16/12/1444
  • Ziarat in Madinah (by coach)
05/07/2023 17/12/1444
  • Return flight to London

Important Notes

  • Itinerary
    • Departure and Return city and airport can be subject to change
    • The departure and return date may change, please arrange your plans +/- 1 day. ie. We may depart earlier/later and/or return earlier/later
    • The day of Hajj is relative to moon sighting and may change
  • Hotels
    • The hotel in Makkah is booked throughout Hajj, you will have access to your room during the days of Hajj
    • Hotel check in time for Makkah and Madinah is 4pm-6pm onwards
    • The 4th bed in a quad occupancy room may be a roll away bed
    • Hotels in Saudi Arabia are extremely busy during Hajj, the quality of service is not similar as usual
  • Tents
    • VIP Tents are the closest tents to Jamarat available in Mina
  • Transport
    • There is no transport available from Mina to Jamarat or Jamarat to Makkah, we walk
    • VIP Tents (10th Dhul Hijjah) 1-2 Hour walk between Jamarat > Makkah
  • Preparation
    • There is a lot of walking during Hajj, particularly on the 10th Dhul Hijjah. Please be prepared.
    • Hajj requires preparation physically and mentally, please get consultation from your GP
    • Our Hajj packages do not include travel insurance, we recommend you arrange travel insurance independently
  • Other
    • Starters Pack includes: Ihram (for Men), Backpack, Umbrella, Sleeping Bag and Stones Bag
    • Ziarats are subject to restrictions and traffic conditions
    • If you have been Hajj before, you can go again, however, you may have to pay an additional 2000 Saudi Riyal fee per person

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