Umrah Faq

Can I travel by myself or travel with a group package?
One may travel on their own or in a group of any number of people– the only requirement is that all your accommodation and visa must be arranged through an approved agent.
Can I combine my trip with a stopover in another country?
Yes, Saudi Arabian Airlines offer many onward destinations at a small extra charge including destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Far East. Other carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Egypt Air and Royal Jordanian also offer stopovers and onward trips. However you must enter the Kingdom within one month from the issued date of visa.
What if I cancel after booking?
Payment is required in full prior to visa authorisation application – this is a requirement by the Ministry of Hajj. Refunds on the ground arrangements portion of the payment cannot be given. Depending on the ticket type we may be able to refund the ticket after deducting the cancellation charge as per the airlines rules. If the ticket has not yet been issued then there will be no cancellation charge.
Can I change the programme once I have booked?
No, this is no longer possible as payment for your package is sent to the Ministry of Hajj prior to visa authorisation application and the visa is issued according to the programme.
What are the charges for children and infants?
If the child requires a bed or a seat in the transportation then full adult charge is considered, else if 2 young children share one bed they pay 50% of the adult rate plus a service charge. If no bed/seat are required then they pay just the service/visa charge. Airlines typically charge 65-70% of the adult fare for children plus taxes and 10% for infants.
How much time period is required between booking and date of travel?
An absolute minimum of 21 days must be given to allow for visa authorisation, visa processing and the necessary accommodation, flight reservations and confirmations.
What if, I face any problem after arrival in Saudi Arabia?
In case of a problem with the accommodation/transportation-booked, we will issue you with an emergency contact numbers that you should contact in the first instance. Otherwise you may contact us by phone or fax here in UK and we will do our best to resolve your problem ASAP.
Can I select a hotel of my choice?
You may choose from any hotel from our wide selection of hotels ranging, from 5 star deluxe to 2 star economy hotels-subject to availability.
Can I get a visa without booking accommodation?
No, this is no longer possible and is against the law in Saudi Arabia. Accommodation must be booked and paid through the agent.
What if I am unhappy with the package?
In the first instance, you must get in touch with our service provider whilst in Saudi Arabia so that the problem may be resolved immediately, otherwise you may get in touch with us and we will endeavour to investigate and resolve the problem. Atlast, if nothing works out then the Ministry of Hajj can also investigate your complaint.
Will I have a guide for umrah?
There is an option available for a guide during Umrah.
How do I travel between Makkah and Madinah?
The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) offers an hourly service between Makkah and Madina throughout the day by air conditioned coaches, at an approximate cost of £19 return. Alternatively you can hire a cab for approximately £120 one way. The coach stations are located near the Haram (behind Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental).
Are Ziyarah trips included?
No, Ziyarah trips may be arranged as per te requirements.
Can I get an Umrah visa without having a British Passport?
You may only get a visa for umrah on a non British passport if:
  • You have an "indefinite stay" endorsement on your passport
  • You are here to stay with your spouse who is a British National
  • You are here on a work permit
  • You are here on a student visa
How many times in a year can I get an umrah visa?
Under the new system there are no restrictions on the number of times that you can apply for an umrah visa as long as the criteria for umrah visa is met
Can a lady travel by herself?
It is a requirement of the Shariah as well as the Saudi government that a women must travel with a valid mahram (close male relative) i.e. father, son, brother, grandson, maternal or paternal uncle, grandfather, nephew, father-in-law and son-in-law
What are the hotel's check-in and check-out times?
Earliest hotel check-in time is 5pm, and the latest check-out time is also 2pm. We cannot be held liable for accommodation not being available beyond these times. If a flight is arriving earlier than the check-in time on the day of arrival, we advise that accommodation is also booked for the night prior.

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