Hajj El Baddal And Qurbani

If a person dies before performing obligatory Hajj or if one vowed to perform Hajj but died before fulfilling one's vow, his heir must assign someone to perform Hajj on behalf of the deceased. All the sequential expenses in this regard must be paid out of the deceased's property, as indeed must be any debts left by him. Ibn Abbas narrates that a woman from the tribe of Johainah came to the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) (PBUH) and said: "My mother had vowed to perform Hajj but she died before fulfilling her vow, should I perform Hajj on her behalf? The Prophet (PBUH) said: "Yes, perform Hajj on her behalf. Would you not pay off any debts your mother might have left behind upon her death? Pay off what you owe to Allah, for He is most deserving of settlement of His debt." Bukhari - This hadith underlines the obligation of performing Hajj on behalf of a deceased person. Whether or not he leaves a will to this effect (it is a kind of debt for the deceased). All debts left by the deceased must be settled, just as all other financial obligations such as Zakah, atonement or a vow transacted by the deceased has to be fulfilled.

If someone has the ability to perform Hajj but afterwards he is unable to perform it due sickness or old age, he must arrange for someone else to perform on his behalf, for he may never be able to do it himself. In this respect, such a person is very much like the deceased, hence the permission for him to choose his substitute in Hajj. This is based on a hadith reported by Al-Fadl Ibn Abbas, who says: "A women of Khatha'am said, 'O Prophet of Allah! Allah has prescribed Hajj for His servants. (Now that) I am grown up, I find that my father is an old man, and he cannot ride on the camel (for long). Should I perform Hajj on his behalf?' The Prophet (PBUH) said: 'Yes'" This happened during the Farewell Hajj. Reported by the Group. Tirmidhi considers it a sound hadith with a sound chain. Some scholars like In Mubarak ans Ash-Shafi'I say that it is permissible for an old man, who is unable to perform Hajj on his own, to arrange for a substitute to do it on his behalf. The above hadith also lends support to the view that, both for a man or a woman, it is quite permissible to perform Hajj on behalf of another man or woman. There is nothing against this in the Qura'an or Hadith.

Before performing Hajj on behalf of someone else, a person must have performed his own Hajj. This is based on the hadith in which Ibn Abbas narrates that the Prophet (PBUH) heard a man saying: "O Allah! Here I am in response to Your call on behalf of Shabrumah." The Prophet (PBUH) asked him: "Have you performed your own Hajj?" He replied: "No", whereupon the Prophet (PBUH) told him: "You must perform Hajj on your own behalf first, and then for Shabrumah." Abu Daw'ud and Ibn Majah. Al-Baihaqi says: "Its chain of authorities is sound, and in this regard it is the most genuine report."

  • The Cost of Hajj El – Baddal is £995 , this includes:-
  • Accomodation in Makkah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah
  • Tansportation , Food & Help for the person

Nabil Hajj and Umrah has provided all the facilities needed to ensure that the person chosen to undertake Hajj El-Badal satisfy all the religious requirements and must discharge the obligation in such manner that would fulfil the Islamic requirements relevant to this undertaking. Nabil Hajj and Umran Services will issue a certificate stating the fact that the proxy has fulfilled his/her obligations. The certificate will be witnessed and signed by two trusted Muslims.

Qurbani (Hady) extra The best day of the year, the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. On these days, good deeds are beloved to Allah and the best deed is Qurbani sacrifice.One Sacrifice is compulsory for the pilgrims performing Hajj Tamattu and Hajj qiran. One Qurbani or If you like More! The Price of one Hady (Qurbani) is 95 pounds .Nabil Hajj and Umrah gives you the Opportunity to donate your Qurbani Laham to needy Muslims in Makkah Mukarrama. We provide sacrificial Animals that fulfill all Sharia'a and Health requirements.`, We distribute meat amongst the poor of the Haram .

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